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Old 08-06-2007, 08:36 AM
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Default First Time Out - Lots of Questions

I finally got all of my gear. Rod is a St Croix Reign - 9' 6wt. I have had 2 casting/knot tying lessons. After the second one, the guy at the shop told me to get out on the water, I was doing great for the time I have in. I went Sunday at 10AM to a local lake at a state park. I basically practiced casting in the water for 2 hours, which I didn't mind. I only had 3 varieties of caddis flys, brown, black and yellow. I didn't even see a swirl near my fly. I wasn't doing much other than casting. Are you supposed to retrieve a dry fly, or shake it around, or just cast and sit a few seconds before recasting? The water was real murky, I couldn't see my feet in a foot of water. Can that be why I got no action, or was it due to the time of day?

Well the story gets better. I went home and pondered for a while and thought maybe I'll go back in the early evening. I got back to the same lake, a bit away from where I was the first time. I got there later than I wanted to, About 15 minutes before dark and I caught a small bluegill on my first cast. It wasn't five minutes later that I got another one. I was thrilled, even thought they were what I consider nuisance fish if I were bait fishing. It then got dark quickly and I got no more action, but I was only there for 30 minutes so it wasn't bad.

My big question is this... what do I do once I cast the dry fly out there? Let it sit? How long? Pop the rod a bit to get it to shimmy and swirl the water? Retrieve it slow, fast, irradically? Also, I noticed that the fly gets wet and will start to sink, If I whip it back and forth a few times it dries out and floats again. Do I want it to be wet and sink or dry and sit up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 08-06-2007, 10:20 AM
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Default Re: First Time Out - Lots of Questions

Get some "Gink" dry-fly floatant and follow the directions. Aside from that, false casting works to a point, as does squeezing the fly in your t-shirt to strain out some of the water.

Action on a dry fly can be a good thing or a bad thing. You're going to have to experiment. Watch the fish. See what spooks them and what interests them. It depends on what type of water you're fishing and what type of fish and what type of fly. For example, poppers are meant to be popped...most of the time. With a tiny dry like a gnat, you would not want to use action. Action would soak the fly and make it sink. I sometimes put action on hoppers, for example, because it often works.

Time of day does have an influence on your fishing success. Time of day influences water temperature, thus oxygen levels and thereby the metabolism of the fish. Optimum feeding temperatures depend on the species. At various water temperatures some species just won't feed. There are exceptions, such as the fact that significant waterfalls can oxygenate water so that fish under the falls could feed when it would otherwise be too hot.

Are you in PA?
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Old 08-06-2007, 11:32 AM
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Default Re: First Time Out - Lots of Questions

Yes, I am in PA (Northeast))... It was hot on Sunday afternoon when I was out. (Nearly 90 with full sun). I was not very surprised that I didn't have much action in the middle of that scorching heat. I figured it was good casting practice.
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