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flymoron 07-08-2013 07:51 AM

BIG Bass fly casting help
I am looking for a new rod/reel/line/leader for big bass bugs, any suggestions with weight/leader/tippet/length etc.... will be greatly appreciated, this will a dedicated rig.

thanks in advance
(remember I am a moron)

nick k 07-08-2013 08:29 AM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
Depends what your definition of BIG is for flies. If you could give us some examples of specific sizes and patterns it would help us narrow down.

Off the bat, here is what I'd say:

Rod - 7wt 9'0''
Reel - Anything (but preferably large arbor), all it's going to do is hold your line
Line - A 7 or 8wt WFF line or a dedicated bass taper
Leader - 16lb tippet material
Tippet - 12lb tippet material

Suggestions for bass flies:

A few bend-backs (probably baby bass patterns)
Terrestrials (hoppers, dragonflies, etc.)

A lot of people are probably going to suggest an 8wt rod for you. PERSONALLY, I think that is often too much rod, but then again the bass by me are smaller and I never need to cast that far. A lot will also depend on your casting skill level. A decent-good caster could get the same distance with a 6wt that a novice could with an 8wt.

Rip Tide 07-08-2013 08:44 AM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
My best rig for throwing big hairy 3/0 bass bugs is a fiberglass 8wt that bends right right down to the cork for powerful open loops. :eek:
This is a situation where a fast action rod casting tight loops is not what you're looking for.
However, big glass rods are heavy and none too pleasant for all day casting.
Over lineing a graphite rod will accomplish the much same thing.
You don't want a long rod either. Shorter rods are more accurate for close in casting and with bass fishing accuracy is far more important than distance.

nick k 07-08-2013 08:59 AM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
More important than picking a heavier rod is learning to haul and double haul.

ditz 07-08-2013 09:11 AM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
Nick is correct.....your info is a too vague. A 6wt might work but a 9 or 10 may work better if you are using large wind resistant bugs and streamers. The weather conditions can also be a factor. Windy = a big rod and distance you want to cast is also a factor. A 7wt is a good choice for all except real big bugs and lots of wind. Unless you are a big strong fella I would not recommend a big glass rod if you plan any long days throwing large bugs. I also like glass rods but they are heavy. Even a 9wt graphite can get heavy after a few hours. You might consider buying a 7wt with lots of back bone and have multiple line wts for it. Maybe a 7wt, 8wt, and 9wt. Get 3 identical moderately priced reel for the lines. If you are expecting to need sinking lines your reel and line needs can get expansive. Only you can decide what you will need and want and like to cast. A bass taper line or even a saltwater taper would be a good place to start.

Keep in mind that it is easier to cast a heavy line as the bug size increases. Some fellas use a 10wt to throw large bugs. A 7' 9wt is easier to cast than a 9' 9wt but your distance is a little more limited. A 7' 9wt will need to be custom made because I don't think any manufacturer makes such an animal.

reidsisk 07-08-2013 10:10 AM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
It depends on how big of a fly you want to cast. I have a Sage LMB rod (which is technically a 9wt) and i like it a lot. Double hauling is very important with that short of a rod, BUT, its so stiff that you dont have to false cast. Thats why i like it. I just pick up the fly and whip it out 30 or so feet. I just recently got a Sage RPLXi 9wt and Ive only used it with my Sage Bass line. It will do the same thing, a longer rod gives you better pick-up, but the Sage LMB loads better with a small amount of line. Im still getting used to the RPLXi, so i cant make a fair judgement on it yet. I LOVE it so far.

As for line, I just bought Freshwater Rio Outbound Short. Ive heard some good things about it and thought i'd give it a try. Tippet/leader doesnt really matter as long as you arent using trout-sized line... I use 10lb fishing line.

I had a 7wt and it could cast the big bugs if you are good enough at casting. Im still not the best, so i went with a 9wt

gannoli 07-08-2013 06:21 PM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
I just got a Cabela's TLr 9' 8wt and Cabela's Prestige Premier reel. I mostly fish for bass with this rod and its great. I use cabela's prestige plus line because thats what came with the combo. For a leader I use a twisted ferruled leader made from 10lb mono with a 10lb tippet.

chased 07-08-2013 06:28 PM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
I had a Sage Largemouth Bass rod. It was a short and very stout rod. It couldn't do super long casts very well, but it could throw pretty much any fly you would ever want to use out to 60ft accurately pretty well. It had enough backbone to pull a big pass out of thick vegetation with no problems whatsoever. You can find the yellow, first generation Sage Bass rods for around $200.


turbineblade 07-08-2013 06:31 PM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

More important than picking a heavier rod is learning to haul and double haul.
+1. Any rod 7-10 weight would work fine provided that your casting is good.

Good casting trumps rod weight, line weight, overlining or underlining, etc.

I agree with Rip about accuracy >> distance for bass. I don't care for bass taper lines (or any extreme weight forward types) but they do well for huge bugs at short distances of 20-50'. Anything over that and I prefer a more typical WF line.

haulingmario 07-08-2013 08:07 PM

Re: BIG Bass fly casting help
Any of the Sage Bass rods can throw big flies or even small lures,I have the Bluegill version 230 grain rod and I can cast up to 60 feet with the largest flies.The Small Mouth Bass rod would be good too and not overkill like the Sage Bass rod 330 grain is.I think you can get one first generation on Ebay for about 200$. I use an old Pflueger Medalist 1495 reel I paid 10$ at a flea market with my Bass rod.

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