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New fishing show on WFN needs your support!

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Guy Elson introduces the monster tarpon of Costa Rica in his Rod and Rucksack show on WFN this weekend Guy Elson introduces the monster tarpon of Costa Rica in his Rod and Rucksack show on WFN this weekend

WFN are showing a pilot episode of a brilliant new show called "Rod and Rucksack" this weekend on fishing monster tarpon in Costa Rica made by a contributor to Fish&Fly based in the UK.

As with any new show it needs audience support in order to survive and be taken forward to make a full series so I hope if you have WFN you will tune in or record it to watch later and let us know what you think here on the forums. The host, Guy Elson has a great list of destinations and experiences lined up for a series which he was telling me about last night so I hope you enjoy the program as much as I did. Make sure you join in the discussion with your feedback below.

Here are the viewing times and some further info from the WFN website;-


Guy has also provided some extra notes about the program below and I hope he will be joining us on the forums to answer any questions about making the program, his experiences around the world and his plans for the future of Rod and a Rucksack.

"Presented by Guy Elson, a well seasoned fisherman, with a huge passion for the sport, the film documents a trip to the remote Nicaraguan border of Costa Rica searching for giant Tarpon. We have great action with Tarpon bigger than a man!, as well as Jacks, BlackfinTuna and rare wildlife footage of an endangered Greenback Turtle after laying its eggs.

The basic premise is a lonely planet style guide to adventure fishing which incorporates elements of travel, wildlife and culture whilst on a journey to find exotic species of fish.

wfn_logo_447283304.jpgThis film received no commercial funding so we are very proud that it has made it to broadcast on WFN.

The long term goal for "Rod and a Rucksack" is for a TV Series Commission, there are many other places, and many other types of fishing that Guy wants to share with the world, so if all goes well, we may see some further adventures in the not too distant future.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou to the people of Costa Rica, who made it an amazing trip.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it, and with any luck, there's more to come.

Rod and a Rucksack will be broadcast on the WFN 16th May 2010. "

Please do tune in if you can and let us know what you think in the discussion below.

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