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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter

Fancy some bonefishing in Abaco whilst tagging your catch and helping with research? The first recapture of a tagged fish has just been reported and you can help look for more!

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
May 2010
In This Issue
Abaco Bonefish Roundup
First Bahamas Bonefish Recapture
El Pescador Trip Report
DEP Oil Spill Website
Keaton Talks Pirates on David Letterman
BTT Tagging Programs for Flats Grand Slam
Book Proceeds Benefit BTT
Oil Spill Implications in the Everglades
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About Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

BTT is a non-profit, science-based conservation organization dedicated to ensuring that existing bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations, and the fisheries they support, remain healthy, while working to restore fisheries that have declined. Join here 
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BTT - Stewardship Through ScienceThe participation of anglers, guides, and lodges is essential to BTT - without this help we would not be able to do as much as we do. This newsletter includes an announcement of the first ever tagging bonanza that we are calling the Abaco Bonefish Roundup. Tagging is already under way on Abaco, and the first tagged bonefish was just recaptured! The details on this are below. And the anglers who participated in the latest Traveling Angler trip to Belize all had a great time and contributed to the BTT mission. Thanks! And an angler sent in a great report about how the BTT tagging programs made his recent flats grand slam even more special.
It's great to see that Pirates of the Flats continues to get great PR months after it first aired on ESPN2. Most recently, Michael Keaton gave Pirates a plug in an appearance on David Letterman.
The BP oil spill continues to be a major deal, and at BTT we are doing all we can to draw attention to how the oil spill may impact tarpon. We'll keep you posted on any developments.

Tight lines,
Aaron Adams, Ph.D.
Operations Director
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Abaco Bonefish Roundup
Be part of this first-ever bonefish research and conservation event on Abaco, Bahamas. Can you think of a better excuse to go fishing for bonefish than to participate in research? Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is seeking anglers to help us tag hundreds of bonefish with "spaghetti tags" to allow us to follow their growth and migrations, and also to implant more than 20 fish with sonic tags that will allow us to track them as they undertake their spawning migrations.  Read more.
First Recapture in the Bahamas Bonefish Tagging Program Although the Bahamas Bonefish Tagging Program is less than a year old, the first recapture has already been reported. A 19.1" bonefish that was tagged by guide Buddy and Cindy Pinder in the Southern Marls of Abaco in August 2009, was recaptured on May 14, 2010 by guide Robin Albury. Hundreds of bonefish have been tagged in Abaco so far, and with more recaptures we will be able to build a good picture of movements and habitat use by these important gamefish.  View list of lodges that participate in bonefish tagging.
El Pescador Traveling Angler Trip Report
View the latest Traveling Angler Trip Report for El Pescador Lodge, Belize where over 60 bonefish were tagged.  Get the full report.
DEP Oil Spill Website
Florida's Department of Environmental Protection has established a website which will continuously be updated with the latest information on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Click here to view the site.
Keaton Talks Pirates on David Letterman
Michael Keaton recounted some of the fun during filming Pirates of the Flats on David Letterman.  Watch the video.
BTT Tagging Programs are the Icing on the Cake for a Flats Grand Slam
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust facilitates a number of tagging programs for all 3 species in the Flats Grand Slam: bonefish, tarpon, and permit.  Bonefish tagging is executed throughout Florida and the Caribbean via BTT Conservation Captains and bonefish lodges listed on our website.  Anglers can also request bonefish fin clip kits for genetic testing.  Tarpon genetic swabs are supplied by the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute and can be requested through BTT.   Project Permit is our newest Florida state-wide tagging program.  Anglers can request a kit that includes 25 tags and all equipment necessary to tag and record permit data.  As you can see, angler and guide effort is essential to the success of our tagging programs.  Without the enthusiasm of our Conservation Captains and angler members, BTT would not gain the necessary information to conserve the fisheries.  View the full article and pictures.
Book Proceeds Benefit BTT
A Passion for Tarpon
is the new book by Andy Mill that Lefty Kreh has called "the most technical and up-to-date book about how to catch giant tarpon with a fly rod. It is a master class with no short cuts." Find out how to order.
Oil Spill Implications in the Everglades
If the expanding Gulf oil spill cannot be contained, South Florida stands to lose a significant portion of the $1.2 billion a year in economic activity generated by recreational, or "sport" fishing alone, according to a new study conducted by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust that was funded in part by the Everglades Foundation. Read the full report.

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