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The Avalon Fly - Permit catcher extraordinaire!

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The Avalon Fly - Permit beware! The Avalon Fly - Permit beware!

The Avalon Fly is the result of much research which has lasted for several years after getting poor results in the past despite using the best flies built by experts specifically for permit.

Could this be the answer to your Permit prayers? Avalon Cuban Fly Fishing Centers send us this report and recipe for what they are calling the Avalon Fly....

I had realised that the instinctive reaction of the permit was first and foremost to be frightened. It is known that permit are very suspicious of everything.. not easy to convince!

I thought that by improving the presentation and the position of the fly in the water we will increase our chances for more permit biting the bait.

After starting my research, this fly was tested both in the sea and in a swimming pool alongside other permit patterns. By snorkelling we observed how the flies fell into the water and observed from different angles.

I realized that some flies were falling face down whilst others began to rotate after the first cast and during the retrieve. 

avalonfly3_680755347.jpgSo after trying fly after fly, I have built and tested in April 2009, a fly that gave the following results:

- Falling in the water with the hook up.
- Entering into the water with a balanced delivery, without turning or exposing the hook.

It sinks well and can be fished with a jerky motion, but when stripping the line simulates a shrimp.

In fact the fly imitates a giant shrimp with its size of 9 cm in total, but is built on a hook #2, using the following materials: rabbits fur, orange arctic fox tail, with pearl embroidery thread , rubber bands of red and black crystal flash that imitates the antennas.

The colors of the marabou and rabbit may vary depending on the environment where we're fishing.

The eyes are 3 or 4 mm. large , which allows the collapse of materials such as marabou, rabbit and fox tail.

Balance is achieved by placing 4 silver Cyclops eyes at the back (2.8 mm nickel) giving the fly a keel like a ship.

A final bonus with the cyclops eyes is that they give a sound effect similar to the real shrimps vibrations in the water, making this simply irresistible!

The results are startling! In just a few months, our clients have caught 53 individual permit excluding those caught as part of Grand Slams.

The reaction of the permit, when the fly has been successfully cast is to attack and take it without hesitation or their usual suspicion. Check out the photo gallery to the right to see some of the fish that have been fooled already!

Come try it out with us in Cuba - you can find all the details of our Cuban fishing holidays by clicking right here!


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