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Review: Redington CT (Classic Trout) Rod

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The Redington CT Rod in its distinctive claret colored tube. The Redington CT Rod in its distinctive claret colored tube.

Incredibly specialized tools may be engineering marvels, but the more practical ones are used more frequently and thus accomplish more.

Sometimes a compromise isn't about settling for the middle ground, its choosing what's best overall. Going to extremes may be more exciting than picking the safe choice, but its frequently foolish and unnecessary. Incredibly specialized tools may be engineering marvels, but the more practical ones are used more frequently and thus accomplish more.

I've fished the 8'6" 5wt version of Redington's new fly rod a few times now, and it really fits the mold of a practical work-horse. Its not a parking lot rod that will easily lay the whole line out there and wow the crowd. That's a good thing, as those rods don't do well at most types of stream fishing. This rod excels at short precise casts, mends, roll casting, and all the trick casts that need a little more "feel" in the rod. Its definitely a medium action rod.

If you're used to an XP/Z-Axis, a GLX, or something similar, you're going to have to slow down and pay attention to what the rod is telling you. Once you've got the feel down, you'll be able to throw wide loops when needed and to tighten up your loops when needing to throw longer distances, or to throw into the wind.

Mends surprised me with their ease at first, even slightly easier than with my Sage 490 LL. The rod lacks some of the "oomph" in the butt section of the LL, but I was still able to throw 65' pretty easily. The rod will bend substantially when fighting a fish, and may not have the authority over a hooked fish that a burlier rod might, but it will protect light tippets better.

redbass_470866584.jpgThe build quality and accessories are impressive as well. The reel seat insert may be veneer, but its not plain metal or plastic, looks sharp, and undeniably lends to a more "classic" feel than would a woven graphite insert. The metal parts are quite nice as well, and function very precisely. The guide wraps and epoxy work leaves no nits to pick, and the cork is as fine as I've seen on any rod under $300. My only beef is that the top edge of the cork is squared off and I'd prefer it be rounded a bit.

The sock and tube are also top tier amongst the sub $300 rod crowd. So far I've not actually caught a trout on this rod, but that matters not. I've fished carefully presented dry flies, swung streamers, spey-casted wets, and thrown poppers into tight spots, and its done it all well. Fly weights have ranged from small foam ants to size 6 conehead buggers.

Its already landed over 60 fish, and that's what it does well: not waggle in a rod-shoppers hand, or fling 30 yards of string, but present flies and catch fish.

I think you'll find none that do that better at its price- $129!

To see the full selection of Redington Classic Trout Rods check out the official Fly Fishing Forum Store by clicking on this link who ship quickly, and will take good care of you as many of your fellow members will attest!

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Comments (9 posted):

Frank Whiton on 28/06/2010 15:28:26
Hi Everyone, It is great that Redington has a moderate action rod that will be a good fit for many new fly fishers and certainly for dry fly fishing. The price is right on. Thanks Cliff for a good review. Frank
mudbug on 28/06/2010 19:20:38
I had someone recommend the 8'6" 4 wt and so I did some internet searching and found this review when it first came out. I bought the rod and have used it twice since then and love it.
MoscaPescador on 28/06/2010 23:37:32
My girlfriend has the 7'6" 3 weight. She is very reluctant to let me try it out... especially when she is catching fish with it. One day I will get a chance to spend more than 10 minutes with it. MP
stevewes2004 on 29/06/2010 09:53:45
i've spent some time casting this rod, and i was totally impressed. silky smooth!
sevenmxf on 30/07/2010 10:05:49
Just got one myself; 9' 6 weight along with a Redington Drift reel. I'm a hamfisted beginner but this outfit looks like it'll serve me extremely well. My initial impressions: excellent quality, great value, smooth, silky, easy to cast even for me. Cheers!
jpbfly on 30/07/2010 19:34:47
Excellent review Cliff!Makes me feel like buying one...
smwwondra on 30/08/2010 22:17:01
CUSTOMER NO SERVICE!!!!! I bought a Redington Crosswater fly rod to use salmon fishing on a long awaited fishing trip to Alaska. My Redington fly rod broke the second day I used it. On the 6th fish I hooked. As far as I'm concerned I paid good money for a worthless product. The real disappointment was when I tried to return it (2 weeks after I bought it) I was told I needed to pay an additional $30.00 to return it and exchange it for what I consider to be an identically worthless rod. Why would anyone want to stick $30.00 into another piece of junk? I asked if I could upgrade to perhaps a better quality rod and was told that I could if I first pay the $30.00 to send my broken rod back and then pay "FULL RETAIL PRICE" for any upgraded rod. What a lousy thing to do to a customer. I paid for their inferior product, got little if any use of the product, was still willing to spend more money on another product from this company and was given no consideration for my loyalty and inconvenience. Any company can experience a manufacturing flaw, but a good company overcomes these mishaps with good, quality customer service. I just plain an simple GOT SCREWED. I always say " you pay for an education". I'd like to pass on to everyone what I learned: Never ever-ever-ever buy from this company PERIOD!!! Some day I hope to be able to go back to Alaska fishing again. Needless to say, I DON'T plan on taking a Redington fishing pole with me if I do. I'd be happy to share my experience with anyone interested. Just e-mail me at smwwondra@yahoo.com.
FlyBum on 31/08/2010 01:54:34
smwwondra: Was it Redington you were speaking directly to that told you this or a shop your purchased the rod or some other fly shop If it was the shop you purchased the rod from were you speaking to the owner? If it were me and it was the shop where you purchased and if it was not the owner of the shop tell this I would ask to speak to the owner if he was not in I'd ask when the owner will be in. I'm mentioning this, because I have a Sage rod, they own Redington and recently the tip on this rod that I've owned for a very long time broke while fight a fish. I went into the shop I purchased it from years ago and told them about it and all they did was ask if I sent it in. I then went to another fly shop that I have also done business with for years and in talking to the owner I told him about braking the tip of the rod and he told me to bring it to him and he would ship it to Sage and I would not have to pay for shipping. That man will have all my local business from now on. By the way I also own a Redington, but its a CT 9' 6wt. It has been an excellent rod and its one my favorites. Sounds like you got a lemon. If your were speaking with the owner of the shop where you bought it. First he'd never get another dime of my business and secondly I'd contact Redington directly since the rod is only 2 weeks old you might be pleasantly surprised at what they tell you. They may be reached at 866-498-7243. By the way instead of hijacking this thread which is about a specific Redington rod, you should have started a new thread.
pipes530 on 05/07/2011 22:44:35
Well........all i can say about this rod is "I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!" It cast like a dream & you can actully feel the rod as it loads. Great for dry flies & thus far I have landed 3 bronze backs with it. Great job Redington!:)
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