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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter - July 2010

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The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

The Gulf oil spill is still top news and the long term impacts on the tarpon and bonefisheries has yet to be fully understood. BTT are contining their work to track the problems and plan for the future.

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Newsletter
July 2010
In This Issue
Tarpon Oil Spill Research Contributions
Oil Spill Threatens Glades Fishing
Beach House Sale to Benefit BTT
How to Help With Oil Spill Crisis
Florida Fishing Report Following Oil Spill
Taking Up the Tarpon Cause
Gulf Oil Spill Monitoring: There's an App for That
Bonefish Census Yields Positive Results
Fly Fishing Film Tour Event
Could Oil Spill Put Tarpon on Endangered Species List?
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BTT is a non-profit, science-based conservation organization dedicated to ensuring that existing bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations, and the fisheries they support, remain healthy, while working to restore fisheries that have declined. Join here 
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BTT - Stewardship Through ScienceThe oil spill that won't go away, I fear, will be with us for a long time. The impacts are just beginning, and we can expect to see the effects for years to come. But it is important that we not become overwhelmed, and focus only on the short term. Instead, we must take a long-term approach, and plan for the future. What do we need to do to understand the impacts? How do we plan to track effects over time? What can we do to understand how the oil spill will impact tarpon, and even bonefish and tarpon, so that we can plan a response that will help protect the fishery? Following our proactive approach, these are the questions that BTT is now addressing. For example, we continue to interact with funding and management agencies in pursuit of funding for research on the effects of the oil spill on tarpon spawning and migration. We continue to push for a more aggressive, proactive approach from these agencies - not just related to the ongoing oil spill, but as a new overall approach. In past years, as we pushed for funding of research on tarpon spawning and migration, we envisioned this type of scenario (though, admittedly not as extensive) as a threat to tarpon and justification for funding. It has now become the worst case of 'I told you so'.
The frustration of anglers is understandable, but there are a couple ways you can help. First, you will see below that we have created a new donation page where you can donate funds that will allocated toward research on tarpon spawning and migrations, and how the oil will impact these important behaviors. Second, although it may seem fruitless it is an important step - contact your congressional representatives and let them know they need to take this seriously, not just now but in the long term. Below is a link to a page on our web site that provides contact information for all Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC.

Tight lines,
Aaron Adams, Ph.D.
Operations Director
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Tarpon Oil Spill Research Contributions
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is working diligently to research the impacts the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will have on tarpon migration and spawning. Click here and your contribution will directly benefit tarpon research in the gulf.
Oil Spill Threatens Everglades Fishing
Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and the Everglades Foundation conducted a study to determine the economic value of the Everglades recreational fishery.  If oil (probably tar balls) encroaches into south Florida, there could be a lot to lose.  Read the full article.
Beach Property Sale to Benefit BTT
BTT has recently accepted a generous offer to to receive $30,000 to fund research, the funds to be available upon sale of a Kamalame Cay beach property.  Kamalame Cay is a private island located off the coast of Andros Island, Bahamas.  For sale on the island is a half acre property with 150 beach front feet.  Five percent of the sale price will be donated to Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. View photos.
How to Help With Oil Spill Crisis
There is understandable growing anger and a feeling of helplessness about the ongoing oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  It has heightened awareness of the lack of information on many Gulf of Mexico fisheries, chief among them tarpon.  In response to the question - "how will the oil spill impact tarpon in the Gulf of Mexico?" - we have to honestly respond "We don't know". Read more.
Florida Fishing Report Following Oil Spill
Online fishing blog GoFISHn describes the possible effects of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico following the oil spill.  Dr. Aaron Adams, Direction of Operations for BTT, contributes depictions of all potential life stages that could be affected and how that might impact the overall fisheries.  Read the full article.
Taking Up the Tarpon Cause
BloodKnot online magazine featured an article written by a BTT Board Member on the importance of fishery research as well as BTT's efforts to study and maintain the tarpon fishery.  Read the article (pgs. 44-53).
Gulf Oil Spill Monitoring: There's an App for That
A new application for the iPhone, MoGO (Mobile Gulf Observatory), allows users to submit photos and locations of oil spill wildlife impacts along the Gulf of Mexico.  Developed by Dr. Andy Danylchuk and his team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the app is able to track photos of tar balls or oiled wildlife using GPS and reviewers will compile the information in a database.  Click here to learn more or download.
Bonefish Census Yields Positive Results
With completion of the April 2010 Annual Bonefish Census in the Florida Keys, bonefish populations seem to have increased from previous years. Although, we are still not sure how the unusually prolonged cold temperatures in January have impacted juvenile bonefish.  Read the full article.
Fly Fishing Film Tour Event
Last month Orlando Outfitters and Hell's Bay Boatworks held a Fly Fishing Film Tour showing to raise funds and awareness for BTT.  Thanks to their hard work, the event raised over $1400 and generated 19 new members.  View the Orlando Outfitters and Hell's Bay Boatworks websites for upcoming events.
Could the BP Gulf Oil Spill Put Tarpon on the Endangered Species List? The Fly Fishing Examiner discusses the gaps in tarpon knowledge and the research BTT is conducting to fill these gaps prior to the oil impact.  Read the full article.
BP Oil Spill Updates
Stay current on all oil spill information by visiting BTT's BP Oil Spill Updates page.

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