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The Ska-opper - a revolutionary Steelhead Popper

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The Ska-opper, find out about this fly in the Skagit Master 2 DVD The Ska-opper, find out about this fly in the Skagit Master 2 DVD

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters announces the availability of Skagit Master 2, Steelheading Outside the Box, featuring Scott Howell. Check inside for a 10 minute video clip featuring the Ska-opper...

Delivering the Goods:  Filmed in British Columbia and Oregon, Skagit Master 2 featuring Scott Howell is the most insightful technique-focused steelhead film in over twenty years.  There are no indicators or dead drifted nymphs in this film, only steelheading on the swing.  Whether it’s dredging the depths with a custom-styled intruder or popping a foam-lipped Ska-opper fly over a rock garden run, Scott Howell gives you all the information necessary to increase your odds of crossing paths with a steelhead on a two-hand fly rod.

The Man:  Scott Howell’s passion for steelhead began at a very young age.  His singular dedication to this fish has elevated his name as one of the foremost fly fishing guides for steelhead.  Based in Oregon, Scott puts his clients on the best runs of the best rivers year round as the season dictates.  Scott walks the fine line of staying true to the heritage of fly fishing, while always pushing the envelope in tackle, flies and techniques.

New Thinking:  Scott Howell’s innovative approach to chasing steelhead with a two handed fly rod will challenge traditional fly anglers to think outside the box and will launch newer two-handed steelheaders on a more productive approach to the sport.

The Destinations:  Stunning footage from some of the most fabled rivers like Oregon’s North Umpqua combined with British Columbia “no-name” rivers make for a visually compelling fishing experience.  The scenery in this video is only surpassed by Scott’s fishing information and of course the steelhead.

The Gear:  Scott shares his favorite fly rod models, line systems and flies for both summer and winter run steelhead success.  His no nonsense descriptions on tackle and technique will streamline your gear list and make two-handed steelheading more attainable.

The Fish:  Steelhead are truly the fish of a thousand casts.  Finicky by nature and challenging to catch, the wild Pacific steelhead returns to some of the most beautiful rivers on earth.   If you haven’t fished for steelhead before, this video will change your mind.

Leland Media Group:  Leland’s own video team was honored to lend a hand in the production of Skagit Master 2.  Look for more videos from the Leland team as they celebrate the sport of fly fishing by visiting Leland Fly TV.

Bottom Line:  Scott Howell shares with you his recommended tackle and proven angling techniques on some of the best Pacific steelhead rivers.  You’ll learn how to fish confidently for summer and winter-run steelhead by reading water correctly, choosing gear and selecting the best fly for ever-changing water conditions.

About Leland: For 26 years, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters has serviced fly anglers from around the world with their proven education program, innovative fly fishing gear selection and travel destinations.  Scott Howell will be visiting the Leland Sonoma Ranch for the Leland Steelhead School in September.

Contact:  Burke White at burke@flyfishingoutfitters.com or 415-781-3474

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Comments (5 posted):

BigCliff on 14/01/2011 19:44:04
It is indeed a great video. I was looking for a little more background on the fly, and found a post by the creator himself explaining how to tie it, and a simpler variation of it that he frequently ties- Skopper Recipe - Spey Pages I'm planning on trying a variation with two layers of foam on the back and palmered ice dubbing made into a brush in place of the deer hair. I bought a can of 3M's Super 77 adhesive and I've been playing with lots of two color stuff. I'm also wondering if the fly will work on our white bass run in the spring...
MoscaPescador on 15/01/2011 07:13:53
Cliff, No huffin' the Super 77. It can get quite messy. Let us know how the fly turns out. MP
caseywise on 15/01/2011 07:26:29
bass flies meets steelhead flies. finally!:thumbsup: time to reevaluate all my topwater bass flies! steelie ready? casey
MoscaPescador on 15/01/2011 07:31:21
Casey, One of my favorite bass pond fly is a Chernobyl Hopper. Give it a try sometime. MP
caseywise on 15/01/2011 07:43:17
for sure! thanks mp. casey
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