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The Fonz goes Fishing

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Cover of Henry Winkler's book Cover of Henry Winkler's book

Actor and director, Henry Winkler, best know for his portrayal as Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzarelli in the Happy Days series is also an author now with his new book "I've Never Met An Idiot On The River" which covers his passion for fly fishing, photography and family. He was recently interviewed about the book...

Please click on the play button below to watch the short interview with Henry Winkler talking about his new book - I've Never Met An Idiot On The River


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Comments (10 posted):

Rip Tide on 28/06/2011 12:43:13
He was pushing is book on Letterman last night too. I know Dave fishes with Tom Brokaw and Michel Keaton. Maybe the Fonz has been welcomed into that group as well.
milt spawn on 30/06/2011 00:58:30
I think I saw an episode of 'Fly Fishing the World' where he was the guest. It was a few years ago and I cannot remember where they were fishing. You could tell that it was early in his fly fishing career. milt.
dhayden on 30/06/2011 02:18:15
I saw that episode.. pretty sure it was New Zealand.. guesing South Island, but can't rmemeber
milt spawn on 30/06/2011 02:44:14
I think it was NZ, at least I trust your memory more than mine! Good series of shows too. milt.
Editor on 01/07/2011 14:35:08
On the topic of Fly Fishing the World, my old buddy from San Diego, Conway Bowman has taken over as host and is filming a brand new series right now.
manderson2228 on 15/08/2011 02:59:12
This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: The Fonz goes Fishing Click on the article above to watch a short video interview with Henry Winkler on MSNBC talking about his new book and his passion for fly fishing I still love the fonz no matter what!!!
benjaminrogers on 04/11/2011 12:43:19
I read the book the other night in about an hour and a half. Not bad but not a ton of detail. More about his personal journey and photography.
caseywise on 04/11/2011 14:58:56
go fonz!! i wonder if anyone makes a black leather fly vest?:D:p:cool: casey
Noiso on 04/11/2011 15:50:43
I got it from my local library. He seems like a very nice man. I would not recommend it though, unless you like cute, touchy-feely, life affirming tales of life as a dyslexic and fishing expensive private waters.
thecatpoop on 05/11/2011 16:56:12
I think Noiso is right on, I did enjoy it though being it was such a quick read. There was some stuff I almost just glanced over, but his love for going out and fishing is something anyone can get into.
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