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Astonishing Numbers Take Action for Bristol Bay

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Astonishing Numbers Take Action for Bristol Bay

The country has spoken. 200,000 people took the time to submit comments on the EPA’s Watershed Assessment on Bristol Bay, AK. More impressively, 98% of them agreed with the EPA’s findings in opposing Pebble Mine.


Source: SAGE Blog

The Assessment concludes that Bristol Bay’s wild salmon fishery and other natural resources provide at least 14,000 full and part-time jobs and is valued at about $480 million annually. The EPA also found that even at its minimum size, mining the Pebble deposit would eliminate or block 55 to 87 miles of salmon streams and at least 2500 acres of wetlands – key habitat for sockeye salmon and other fishes. Are you concerned yet?

It appears that the country is in fact concerned, yet the result is now out of our hands. The Obama administration, with help from the EPA, must now move forward on implementing a 404C to firmly protect the region. Are 200,000 voices enough to be heard? We must wait and see.

To see some more amazing numbers and the latest news, visit SaveBristolBay.com.


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Comments (2 posted):

mcnerney on 30/07/2012 14:12:27
Paul: Great read! Nice to see so many took the time to contact the EPA and voice their concerns over mining in Bristol Bay.
Liphookedau on 30/07/2012 14:21:30
Well Paul it's like this,from what I've seen from travelling around Australia,visiting Old Ex Gold & Copper Mining Operations,as well as Open Cut Iron Ore Mines. Most are either Deserted & Barren or Both. The Corporate People who run these operations only worry about what they can put in their Pockets. The people who control Pollution do their Job for a while,then when The Operation Closes it only becomes a Headache which no one wants to know about,their excuses always are; Things need doing however "There's no Funds Available",mainly because it's been spent on something else. Like many,many people I wouldn't like to see this Mine go ahead as down The Track one doesn't have to be a Genius to imagine what the outcome will be as it's impossible to stop The Poison from Tailing Dams Leaching out,I've seen it many times locally where the Acids from The Power Station & The Mine Tailings from Washeries have killed Thousands of Fish as well as Eels. Brian.
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