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Man Finds Lost Finger in Trout

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Fisherman Nolan Calvin and a few friends thought they would end their day on Idaho’s Priest Lake by settling in for a good meal of smoked trout. Instead, he made a stomach-turning discovery – a human finger inside a trout’s stomach.

“A friend of mine caught the fish. And as soon as I gutted it, I opened it and saw the human finger,” Calvin told ABC News.

The mysterious pinky finger belonged to a human’s left hand and was nearly perfectly preserved inside the fish, Calvin said.

It had been in the lake for more than two months before Calvin found it more than than eight miles away from where it initially separated from its owner.

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That is definitely one 'Fish Finger' I would not want to eat - Ed!

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Comments (3 posted):

jpbfly on 27/09/2012 14:13:05
:thmbup:simply incredible:yikes:shall we have to tie some finger like patterns?:D
Hardyreels on 27/09/2012 16:53:05
Stranger than fiction that one!
mikhelee on 28/09/2012 11:08:48
My girlfriend Ann lost the tip of her index finger in a similar accident as we were catching horses for a camping trip and my mule run through the rope.She tried to let go but it looped and caught on the first joint of her finger pulling off the tip and leaving just the bone sticking out which had to be takin off. I tell her at least she only has to paint 9 nails instead of 10 now.
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