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Salmon Streams to Benefit from Obama's New Climate Plan Says ASF

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Salmon Streams to Benefit from Obama's New Climate Plan Says ASF

US - Conservation groups concerned with the preservation and restoration of wild Atlantic salmon in both Canada and the United States can breathe a little easier this week, following President Obama’s announcement on Tuesday that he will unveil a new Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) says that the newly unveiled strategy comes at a critical time, since many populations of Atlantic salmon have declined to historically low levels across their North American range.

The Climate Action Plan primarily targets greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, that contribute to global warming. While a warming global climate may have its own implications for the health of aquatic ecosystems, a key benefit to species like Atlantic salmon comes indirectly, through actions that promote switching fuel sources from coal to natural gas and renewables.

The fact that burning coal is about twice as carbon-intensive as natural gas has fueled the incentive to phase out older coal technologies, that for decades, emitted greenhouse gasses as well as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, the primary ingredients of acid rain.

- See more at: http://www.asf.ca/salmon-streams-to-benefit-from-obama-s-new-climate-plan.html#sthash.lqhqDVvl.dpuf

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Comments (7 posted):

on 05/07/2013 16:49:49
This may or may not help Salmon, not sure what the effects of increasing methane in the atmosphere will have on our streams. Trusting politicians to make good environmental decisions is a little like trusting the kids to guard the cookies. Unfortunately, good environmental decisions must be balanced and progressive so as to not decimate industries, make energy unaffordable and jobs dwindle away. Mankind has tended to wait for crisis to make change through knee-jerk reactions which may or may not work. Hopefully the fatalities to our land and water are few and far between but it is hard to be optimistic.
littledavid123 on 05/07/2013 18:15:58
Phase out coal...lol The Chinese are building coal fired plants at the rate of one per week.
Hardyreels on 05/07/2013 20:35:57
I realize that any efforts at environmental controls at a legislative level tend to be touchy subjects. However as a fly fisherman and one who now works in association with fishing I am in favor of most proposed changes to the way we currently do things. As for what the Chinese are doing; just because a neighbor beats his dog, I don't have to beat mine. Countries, any of them who are blindly pushing forward with their rush to become industrial giants will pay and pay dearly for polluting their skies, waters and lands. When the results of the push to be number 1 come home to roost, I suspect that all of China will resemble Love Canal NY. or Centralia PA. If those towns don't ring a bell a quick Google search will bring you up to date. On a whole I believe the world will change; must change. Whether it does so in my life time or before catastrophic climatic conditions prevail I do not know. I've had a good run at life. I worked for the National Clean Air Collation for years back in the 1980's and did what I could to bring some changes to my State & the country regarding changes to the Clean Air Act. Now I'm going to fish way up the Yetna & Skwentna Rivers and let things take their course. Hopefully all people who derive their pleasure and recreation from fishing can support change. It is change that will preserve what we still have. Ard
littledavid123 on 06/07/2013 02:43:59
I don't think anyone is looking at the big picture here. 1. Coal is the biggest competitor with natural gas for cheap fuel costs. Take away coal and watch what happens to natural gas prices. 2. This administration hates drilling and the new frac technologies, who do you think they are going to go after once you allow them to destroy coal mining? 3. This administration supports green energy above lower energy cost for consumers. Starting to see the big picture? Since green energy costs aren't coming down, expect to see natural gas prices rise until they are equal or higher than current green energy costs, and what is that cost? I may be off here but think it is around $8.00 per gallon equivalent. Just a reminder, natural gas supplies were shrinking until we figured out how to frac. Sure I like a clean environment as much as anyone, up until I can't afford to provide for my family, and it's "Global Warming" so it does make a difference what our neighbors are doing. And to that point with the dramatic rise in coal plants in China and India, still the temperature has not risen in the last 15 years. So get ready to open your pockets boys and girls because this crusade is going to be expensive. Dave
ryu1er on 07/07/2013 22:57:11
@littledavid temperatures havent risen in 15 years? here in california our rainy seasons have been getting shorter and shorter. our summers have been coming earlier. this year alone we hit the triple digits months earlier than we should have. and every year we keep beating our record highs. yeah, temperatures havent changed.
williamhj on 07/07/2013 23:38:18
When posting to threads like this keep in mind that it is much easier to end up in an online version of a screaming match than it is to actually change someone else's mind. Environmental issues like global warming are very divisive and debates are rarely won. Many of us have strong opinions on the issues but past threads make it clear that debating them here rarely leads anywhere productive.
mcnerney on 08/07/2013 00:07:25
William has an excellent point, just keep in mind this is a "Fly Fishing Forum". There is nothing wrong with discussing environmental issues on this site as long as they remain "civil discussions". It seems that we have become so polarized as a society that we can no longer have civil discussions, but rather everything escalates into screaming matches. If you want to remain a member of this forum, please keep in mind that won't be tolerated. Thanks!
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