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Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club Officially Recognized by IGFA

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The Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club (LCWCC) is pleased to announce their new affiliation with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

Since 1950 LCWCC has served as a valued member of Michigan's outdoor sporting community, proudly that entire time a Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) member. Traditionally supporting the purposes and objectives of the MUCC, LCWCC promotes hunting, fishing, shooting sports and natural resource conservation within their community through a number of public education programs, open social activities, service and philanthropic projects.

Recognizing the IGFA's significant and long-standing conservation efforts and goals relating to sport fishing being parallel to their own and the MUCC's, LCWCC petitioned for IGFA Fishing Club Membership, and as of April 2013 was formally accepted.

Conservation based and focussed upon protecting sport fishing interests, since 1939 the IGFA has been a primary focal point for sport-fishing record keeping, scientific research and commercial fishing data. Due to their vast statistical resources, the IGFA works as a recreational angler representative and advocate among sporting, commercial, scientific and governmental organizations and is consulted on 6 continents, in 140 countries and territories, and by 44 International Regional Fishing Bodies, including the United Nations.

Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club joins less than 300 active IGFA member fishing clubs worldwide, roughly a scant 70 in North America. They are currently the only active member club in Michigan and all of the Great Lake connecting states including Ontario and Quebec, Canada. 

Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club's goal is simple: To preserve and protect their sporting outdoor heritage through responsible wildlife and natural resource stewardship. 

Their outdoor sporting legacy to future generations thrives with educated ethical use...not apathetic waste or neglect.

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