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How to Tie a Fly - The Video!

Check out this terrific fly tying film and feature from Bloomberg. ... Full story

The Bigger They Are, The Ardea They Fall!

Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) is not a common fly tying material in the UK these days explains Paul Davis, mainly thanks to it being a protected species and therefore not commercially available. But many old patterns prescribe its use and a dead bird can provide useful salvage material! ... Full story

Talented fly tier turns thief

22 year old built-wing Salmon fly tying prodigy Edwin Rist has been arrested and charged with breaking into the Natural History Museum in Tring inJune 2009 and stealing 299 rare bird skins. ... Full story

"Flies That Catch Trout" by Terry Lawton - book review

"Even if the title of this volume seems slightly laboured, it is about "Trout-Takers" - flies with proven track records from around the world, and which are often transferable to waters other than those of their origin." ... Full story

How to use a whip finish tool

This is a short tutorial on how to use a whip finish tool to form a small neat head on a fly ... Full story

How to secure fly tying thread to the hook shank

This is a short tutorial to show how to securely start the tying thread on the hookshank aimed at fly tying beginners ... Full story

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