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Default Re: Inexpensive Reels Compared

[QUOTE=Frank Whiton;11269]I lived in Alaska for 15 years and caught all of my salmon and trout on a eight weight rod with a SA Sy"

Hey Frank, what are you using for leaders? What lines wts should I buy if I want to tie my own, using blood knots?, for salmon, and if you could, please give me the specs on one for kings. The last time I did it I used flourocarbon leader material. I may bring a 12 wt combo for giggles, have one picked out. Speaking of leaders, Kodiak, etc.. what do we use for tippets? So far, I have an 8wt Albright, and 9wt TFO in the suitcase. Still have room. In case you are wondering, I am going to be fishing, and learning to fish, on this trip. So, I am bringing backup gear, and trying out some different wts to see what I like.

What mfg do you like in backing? Micron Saltwater?? What weights?

As far as the reel goes, I may end up with a Teton Tioga for the heavier rod. Then I can use it here on the East Coast for bigger biters. I have checked on the specs, and warranties for many reels in the last week. Sure, some of the reels in the $250 to $300 are probably much better. (drags, capacities, warranty) And I do think, a good reel with a few spools, can offer a wider variety of fishing opportunities.

just my opinion, no proof
Something fishy about the equipment industry. The prices seem to be list, no matter where you go on the better gear, unless a shop is closing, or a disco is in the works. More than likely the fishing person is getting "foul hooked".

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