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Default Re: Inexpensive Reels Compared

[QUOTE=Jakeway;11261]Of the ones you';ve mentioned, I'd probably go with the Okuma Helios. "

I spoke with the company a week ago. I would love to try their stuff in Alaska. Lifetime warranty on the Guide Select fly rods, and five on the Helios reels. The price of the Helios, in my opinion, should get it into a lifetime warranty. I would suggest you send them an email asking them to do that. I am going to. Why?? Because one of the comments made by the reps was, "if the public asks for it, then support is put behind it." If the reps ask for it, the managers don't buy into it. If Teton can do it for under $200, and I think SA does in that price range, then Okuma can as well. But, what do I know??!! Why worry about warranty??? I should still be alive and kicking in 7 to 10 years, why not have equipment designed to last?
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