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Default Re: Inexpensive Reels Compared

Originally Posted by sticks View Post
I use a 10 wt and the reels you mentioned from the Scientific angler will serve you well. I have a Okuma SLV with 150 yards of backing. This is a great all round reel and can handle more fish than you can shake a stick at. Your concern should be knot strength.... With a good knot and reel you can do almost anything.
Good luck,
What knots do you use, where, and why? I think I might get one of the little nail not tools. Looked so easy that even I could use it!!!

The SA reels are not too expensive, some have commented about their drags being weak.. Even compared it to the Battenkill LA V I just got on clearance. That one was $140. The Tioga is a few bucks more but has a good rep. Or, the other reels mentioned can be had for less. So much to learn... Oye!!
But, I am actually enjoying the process somewhat.. Frustrating other times.
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