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Default Re: Inexpensive Reels Compared

Thanks Frank, I will get a supply of leaders and tippet.

If, when, I ever figure out what end of the rod to hold, I will then look at the good stuff.. Abel, Ross, Tibor, Big dollars. Loomis GLH, etc.. $600 plus. Fine, some people may appreciate the characteristics that this hi end gear provides.

Me?? All I am asking from any of the rods and reels that are going with me on the trip. Don't break because a design/mfg weakness. If I do something stupid, then it is on me, I'll take the blame. Like I said in other posts, I have broken the tip off a IM-6 rod that was about five hours old..So, having some backup gear is where I am going with the multiple outfits. And because of this, I am not in a position to drop $600 on each outfit.

I plan on taking notes on the trip. Going again next year is already on scheduler. Not that I am rich, but by then I will have the gear already, hopefully know where to go, and I will have a free ticket to the West coast.
The cost of the next Kodiak trip should be much MUCH less next year. I don't eat the fresh water fish around here. The salt water fish, blues, stripers, etc, all come with warning labels glued on by the State DEP telling you to eat no more than one fish every so often. Pretty sad, but, that is why I am glad there are still places like Alaska to fish. :-))

Thanks again.

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