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Default Piling up of my line

I got to go fishing on the Gunpowder today for a few hours and I came up with a couple questions I'd hope you al could help with

First off, I found that about half the time I cast, when I finish the forward cast, my leader just piles up on itself rather than stretching out like the rest of the line. Sometime this doesn't happen however and the line stretches out to where I want it. Thing is, I cant seem to figure out the why of it.

Another problem with my cast is that sometimes, I'll go to change flies or something and I'll notice the tippet end is knotted. Sometimes it's just a little overhand knot, but one time I managed to get a full on bow tied into it. How does this happen? Could it have to do with the aforementioned pile-up of leader and tippet?

Lastly, I noticed when trying to mend the line I have a small problem. As I lift up on the line, the surface tension holds it down and the line slides through the water, putting a little "V" shaped wake behind the fly...I don't know for sure but I'm guessing this is wrong as flies dont generally go fast enough to create wakes.

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