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Default Re: Help with the double haul, please?

Hey Cliff;

And my sincerest thanks for the link....I watched it time after time. Fact is, I'd read instructions about double hauling years ago, even tried to practice for a spell. I didn't see enough advantage in it to continue trying, although it appears something stuck, for I've been using a sort of single haul method since, on my uptake.

Well sir, I'm now convinced that video is many times better at teaching physical action and methods than the written word.

But I do end up with an observation and a question. I've been casting a flyrod since age fifteen (and I'm 57 now) and had never used, nor seen used, the kind of power and swiftness (some might say violence) the teacher uses on the upswing or loading the rod, and the forward casting loading of the rod. You can hear the rod and line 'swishing' as if it were filmed at a Japanese martial arts movie studio. That taught me something I'll be practicing on for sure.

And my question....when is he shooting line? I'm assuming it's when his hands come together, after gathering more line when the hands are farthest apart. Or am I totally off the beam here?

My thanks Sir!

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