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Default Re: Fishing trip to Idaho


A little feedback and perceptions from a visitor to the USA and to Idaho fishing in particular. My 2 week fishing trip at the end of May has come and gone and I'm back in South Africa in the midst of World Cup fever.

I based myself in Idaho Falls for the first week. The only rivers that were open were various sections of the Henry's Fork. I fished the section below Ashton Dam (Sealy's) for a couple of days and also spent a day on the Bear Gulch section. I must say that I have never seen as much insect activity on any river before, although the locals told me that the hatches were not really happening and that the previous week was better (is'nt that always the case/). I did ok under the circumstances, I think, averaging 2 fish per session. Most of the fish were taken on nymphs. Bear Gulch was lovely and I caught a nice 23 in rainbow that I spotted taking caddis flies right up against the bank. Nice fish and an awesome setting.

Thereafter, I based myself in West Yellowstone for 4 days, which were spent mainly doing sight seeing activities in Yellowstone National Park. I did manage a short session on the Madison below Hegben Lake though. Saw a number of large fish but blanked, unfortunately. My girlfriend hooked two monsters but got broken off both times.

Our next destination was Jackson, Wyoming. Two days in this lovely town. The Gros Ventre was open, so I duly managed to squeeze in a morning session. Only caught one cutt - but a 23/24" fish not less! Could not believe a fish this size in such a tiny piece of water.

We then drove down to flagstaff, Arizona to visit friends. The only trout fishing nearby is Oak Creek in Sedona. I had a morning session there which yielded 9 wild brownies. Lovely setting.

That concluded our little trip. Many good memories though. Friendly, hospitable people, a beautiful country, huge motor vehicles, Harleys galore and basically a country which works well.

I shall return.

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