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Default Re: My Favorite Light Rod

Hi Gordon,

Right on -- It's the same rod. It's a 2-piece, 6-footer with a delightful action.

By all means build one ... I have little doubt that you will come to love it. In the shorter rods, I favor either bamboo or fiberglass. It seems to me that both flavors typically offer actions better suited for shorter rods. My little Betts has an action I would describe as Medium and, as you recall, threw a mean line w/ tight loops with ease. Here's how I see the short rod in comparison with its brethern:

The Long and Short of it

Short Rods


Ease of transport: A more expensive travel version is not required
Maneuverable: Easy to cast in confined areas - trees, brush, small streams.
Lighter in Weight: Short rods weigh less than long rods of the same weight.
Fun--A Challenge: Not forgiving of casting errors. Requires best effort.
Fast: Develops high line speed easily; throws a tight loop.


Mending Line: Comparatively speaking - difficult.
Hard Work: It takes more effort to be efficient.
Short Lever: Increases the difficulty of lifting the line into the backcast.

Long Rods


High Backcast: Enables a higher backcast with comparative ease.
Long Lever: Comparative ease in lifting line from the water.
Mending Made Easy: When mendng line is critical, do it with ease.
Casting Error: Long rods are much more forgiving of mistakes.


Weight: Length adds weight.
Awkward and Clumsy: Easy to tangle in close quarters.
Casts a Wider Loop: Don't kid yourself, the short rod has advantages
Advantage Fish: In the landing zone, it's advantage fish. (END QUOTE)

I happen to have a fast custom graphite that's also a 6-footer. Note that it is not the rod I elected to bring along when I visited with you in Tyler.

Wishing you all my best,

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