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Default Re: Avoid Injury, Go Barbless - by Casey Allen

The instructor in my first casting class gave us all the barbless speach right out of the chute. Sure he covered the fish friendly aspect but what he really emphasized is that it's for the fisherman. He told a few gruesome guide stories to emphasize the point.

I started my fly fishing experience throwing clousers and large, heavy bass bugs in to wind. It wasn't long before I burried a clouser hook deep in my neck on a back cast when the wind changed on me (I'm pretty sure it was the wind, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I never knowingly fish a barb but I've caugt myself forgetting to smash em down on occasion so I smash down the barbs on all my hooks before they go in the fly box so I don't have to remember on the water.

The other absolute that that first instructor gave was to wear glasses anytime you are casting.
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