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Default GLoomis GL2 vs. Sage Launch

First off - hello to all - this is my first post - been reading posts for some time and seems like a good place to get some information and share thoughts.

My question is about entry to mid-level priced rods. I am looking for an 8'6" 5wt to replace my current rod - 2 rods/names I have been reading about are the Sage Launch and Loomis GL2 - where you can still find them.

Can anyone speak of preformance of these 2? Are they similar in any way, beside price? It looks on paper (to me) that these match up pretty well. I would think the Loomis GL3 and the FLi would also match up - I have heard quite alot of good talk about the GL3 but not much around on the GL2. The Fly shop in State College, PA - Flyfisherman Paradise speak highly of the GL3.

If there is any input anyone can share - it would be great. thanks...
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