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Default Re: Small Boat for Small Lakes, Slow Streams

Originally Posted by Patrick Marshall View Post
I am a brand new member. I own a North Fork Outdoors Scadden Skykomish H2 pontoon boat. I'm just getting used to this boat. But what I am asking about is what is a good "hard bottom" boat for fishing small lakes and drifting on slow streams like the Merced, San Joaquin, etc. (California) out in the Central Valley? The boat would be for one of my sons. The boat should be one that can be rowed, powered by an electric motor and up to a 5 HP outboard, and one that you can stand up to fish from. I know that a traditional "jon boat" would probably work, but are there other boats on the market that could fit this need? Also, the boat should comfortably and safely hold two people. Let me know. Thanks. Pat
I can only speak from salt experience...if it's rocky where you river fish and probability is high for hitting bottom then aluminum...just pound it out...however,if bottom strike is soft then the best boat i've ever owned for thin water fishing...with me and one other ..was an old time 13 foot whaler not new versions..can't plane with 5hp but i've planed with 15 just small stand up boat IMHO ever...for example towed it to the shark river and mike, aggregate 400 lbs. plus 60 lb engine plus 6 gal gas both of us in the stern fighting two snook...still had 2 in. freeboard ...bare hull weight is about 300 lbs yet whaler speced it for 1000 lb gross don't know if it ever came with oar locks and it has a thin sandwiched hull which would not do well with sharp rock strikes...
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