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Default A Fun Afternoon...

I managed to get out fishing for the afternoon yesterday and I decided it was time to explore another new water. So far I have found some good fishing, but anything close by has been pretty tough. Now this water comes recommended as holding some large trout and that is more than enough to get me interested especially since it is only an hour from my house. So off I went and I came across two sizeable reservoirs and confirmation that this actually is the windiest place on earth. With no boats/tubes of any sort allowed on the water I donned my waders and threw a line close to where I parked. After hour it began to rain and with a bit of lightning on the horizon I retreated to dry land.

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The storm never got to full strength so I decided to wander and explore the further reaches of the reservoir. As I got to the edge of where I could venture the storm came down in a torrent. As the heaviest of it passed and I could see the blue sky coming in I got back in the water in a sheltered corner and found it very calm and pleasant as I had escaped the wind. 3 or 4 casts in and I had a take and missed it. Next cast as I pulled my fly out the water to cast a large rainbow leaped out the water after my fly but missed it. That fish easily would have been a PB for my. But as my PB still stands at 16” I figure I’ll beat it soon. Next cast I caught a feisty little 8” rainbow and it felt good to have one brought to the net. The tail of the storm brought about a good few strikes and some small fish until a solid hit and leaping out the water I had a nice trout on. A good fight ensued and eventually I landed a new PB 16.5” trout. Instantly very impressed I got back to casting, and as if someone flicked the lights the sun came out and brightened things up considerably.

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It was about 45 minutes before my next fish, and then they began to come in a flurry. A few more 8”s, another 15” fish and then quiet. As it grew later and a bit darker I went through a frustrating period. In a period of about 90 minutes I had a solid hit, line snagged on the reeds and snap… then a few moments later a fish leaps out the water, trailing my flies and gone. 3 times I replaced the flies and continued on, and each time as I saw the fish it was easily bigger than those I hand netted. But we persist don’t we? That’s why we fish.

All in all a great day. I have to replace a few flies outta my box, but I don’t mind. It’s nice to feel the fish tug either way, and we learn from each experience. I think the thing that is helping my confidence greatly is that I can get to a new water, tie on a #8 woolly bugger followed by a #16 PTN and then concentrate on finding them. When I started running low on PTN I also had success with some caddis pupa imitations, leech patterns and of course woolly buggers in all sorts of colours. This water will see me again. Probably sooner rather than later!

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