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Default The fly wins again

Last weekend I went to a Bachelor Party that consisted of a cookout , bean bags and best of all fishing. We'll to make a long story short My buddy who was getting married is such a gambler and decides to have a fishing contests. So' roughly thirty guys enter, most using live bait and a few spin fishermen, but I was the only fly fisherman. Now i had got there early and had walked around the small lake and noticed the Bluegill were nesting and new this was going to be easy. i tied on a small olive green woolly bugger and spent the next hour and half schooling the rest of them. By that time my count was well over thirty in bluegill alone, not to mention a dozen or so bass and a channel cat. The Contest ended abruptly after that and moved to bean bags, which i declined to enter and spent the rest of the afternoon teaching others the art of fly fishing. Since then five different guys have called asking advice on what set ups to buy and one even brought his to the wedding yesterday just to show me. And best of all I just got back with my new 3wt I just bought with My contest winnings, which I feel slightly guilty about, but I am sure that will go away with my first trip to the water.
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