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Default How to roll cast farther???

Hey all,

I recently encountered a situation I, as a newbie to fly fishing, did not know the answer to. I was fishing a small lake/pond with still water for large mouth bass. While fishing, I was out in waist deep water. There was an over hanging tree above me, and brush on the bank maybe 10 feet behind me. I was practicing my roll cast as I thought this to be an excellent situation. My issue was that I just could not get the fly out far enough. I was able to cast in the 40-50 ft. range with my roll cast, by pulling out more line before beginning my cast. Then I could pay it all out on the forward part of the roll cast, but to much line(or slack) meant the line was unrolling all the way. But I couldn't use a back cast and haul more line out b/c of the limited space. This was on my six weight rod. I was using a fairly large clouser, probably a #4. Any recommendations? I was try to get the fly out to maybe another 20 ft, as there was a partially submerged boat and there were some large fish in that area hitting the surface. I need some poppers.
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