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Default Re: rubber-legged beetle!

Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
ya u r right, i caught way more on my beetle than they did on the hopper. seemed the hopper was a bigger hook and they missed more. i am about to order some more in size 12 and 14. couple times they exploded out of the deep like a missile and some times they would just swim up to it and get right underneath it then follow it and sip at it. but if it was still they swam away. seemd the twitch is what made um hit it.
George, try micropoppers in sizes 10 and 12, green (frog) pattern and the black and red. Panfish can't stay away from them.

Interesting topic concerning what action prompts the strike. When bass and panfishing, I see the presentation and decision in three phases. In some cases you are going to get the strike seemingly as the fly is hitting the water. It's amazing how fast they can react.

if they don't take at phase one, phase two is the pregnant pause extended long enough where the fish just gets sick of looking at it and wants it out of it's neighborhood. I think a very subtle twitch shortly after hitting the water is key to suggest something alive. Then I'll let it sit until I'm uncomfortable waiting, then I wait some more. I've been suprised on many ocassions how many takes occur after letting the popper sit for 30-45 seconds.

After that, phase three is a twitch retrieve with increasing frequency mimicking a recovering bug or animal. If they're chasing food, then this is the phase for them.
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