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Default Re: Were are all the Ladies?!

Originally Posted by Joni View Post
Trucky, welcome aboard. How are things in NewFoundland? You couldn't pick a better hobby, but I am afraid it will be addicting and turn into a new life style. LOL
Hi Joni, dang your fast ...I guess I'll never feel alone when I post on here thats for sure...

...thankyou for the warm welcome. Things in Newfoundland right now are still trying to warm up...but the salmon season is wide open for us now. Unforunately I am starting from scratch with this...I have only fished for Largemouth Bass, Catfish (in the US) and of course up here I've done some salt water cod jigging and the very common 'get your but trouting' weekends, lol...
Anyways, sorry for the babble...but I'm looking into the basics for getting myself outfitted for that feeling of catching my first salmon...I'm sure I will eventually want to branch off and look for other fish also...but truth is...I'm a salmon lover...I can't get enough...I suppose for living on this island, fish being the main industry up here...I can think of a fish meal for everything....but my favorite (aside from shell fish) is deffinately salmon...

and forgive me sounding completely 'green'... but them fellers with the pink bellies are such a delight for me to bbq...(or even fry with taste uncomparable to any other to me)...
Now its not all about my stomach here for me (despite how it looks so far, lol) - but, I have a family doctor whom is adiment about my taking it easy and relaxing due to some unfortunate family illness...and why not look into fly fishing and enjoying nature with something that I will only appreciate more for...

I'm not even sure how to get myself into the research of it...all I know so far is I would like to be able to catch maybe a 9 or 12 pound salmon...then look for the moderate style of equipment for that...
I don't need to be fancy,...just durable and safe.
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