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Default Ordered Reels, Lines, & Fly Boxes From Allen & Co

I ordered a Trout 5/7, Alpha 3/4 and lines for each from Allen & Co about ten days ago.

Though they have not arrived yet, due to screwy something with the shipping soon as I let Justin know yesterday he responded to my email very quickly committing to put a new shipment in the mail today.

Now that is 1st class customer service.

I'll be sure to tell every fly fisherman I meet about Allen & Co and to show off my reels.

I'm absolutely confident with everything I've read here including Justin's response to a disgruntled customer that I'll be more then thrilled when they arrive and especially after I get to use them.

I was so impressed with Justin's response that today I decided to place an order for one each of his Fly Boxes even though I've not yet received my first order.

They have to get hear, before the 26th though when my son and I leave for Dunsmuir to stay in Wayne Eng's Cabin for a week and he will be our guide for a full day the day after we arrive. I can't wait to get up there as everything I've heard from Wayne and others sounds like the Upper Sacramento River is really shaping up well and the fishing is good.

Well anyway I just thought I'd share my experience with Allen & Co and with Justin the owner. You just don't experience responses like this often in this world any more.

Matter of fact just recently I ordered a pair of Vistana fit over polarized sun glasses from an online merchant, because I could not find them locally.

However when they arrived they sent a different size, lenses and model then I ordered.

When I contacted the merchant they would not send me the right ones until I sent the first pair back.

So I decided to just have them make a refund which understandably they would only do after I sent them back which I did the same day. That was last week.

I still have not received my refund. I guess now I'll have to buy a pair of Cocoons instead, but I hate to, because they are so damn "oogley."
-Tom Wilson
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