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Default Question Re: Transition from Back to Forward cast

Hello folks.

Newbie to the site here, and a newbie to fly fishing. Been "Spinning" since I was old enough to hold a rod, but this fly business is new to me.

I've been browsing the forum and different sites, reading as much as I can absord and watching as many videos as I can, but there's still one thing I haven't seen answered.

When making the transition from backward motion to forward, is it just a timing thing where you just "learn" when to start forward, or is it a "Feel" thing where you feel the line, when all the way back, start to load the rod, then accelerate forward to the "quick stop"??

This is the thing I'm having the most problem with. There are times I can easily get the line to lay softly on the water and a second or so later see where the fly lands. There are other times when I feel like I have a leg for a right arm, and have done everything from catching a trophy branch behind me, to hooking myself in the back of my vest, to having the line land in a nice neat coil 10 ft in front of me.

I keep trying to tell myself "smoother, no need for over-powering the rod", kind of like a good golf swing, but it's how my brain is supposed to know when to start the forward cast.

For what it's worth, I practice on the front lawn for an hour with a fly that has the barb cut off, then move to a still pond 5 minutes from my house (which has some lovely 12" Brookies and a few wonderful German Browns) to put my newly practiced skills to the test. I have a mark put on the line at 22 ft, so with the 8 ft leader, I'm not trying to do too much at once and pretend I can lay the fly by that lilly pad 50 ft out.

Any hints or links would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in adbance.

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