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Default Re: Ordered Reels, Lines, & Fly Boxes From Allen & Co

My Allen and company reels and line just arrived today wih the afternoon mail. the following is a copy of the email I sent to Justin to let him know what I think.

"The reels and line arrived today and everything is perfect except the line is white instead of the green I asked for, but we will happily live with that. That gun metal color in the Alpha 3/4 is awesome. The only other barstock reel I ever owned was a Teton it was a fantastic little reel, but these reels IMO are every bit as nice as Abels if not better.

I don't know how you do it, I've got to say I wish it was me selling these reels.

To bad you don't spell Allyn the right way!JK

That Alpha is going to go beautifully with my 4 weight Sage Light Line. The Guide my son and I are using on the Upper Sacramento River on July 27th the day after we arrive already wants to buy my Sage Light Line. I bet he'll be wanting this little reel too. I can't wait to see how your line casts and mends. I could not be more thrilled."

I'm confident with everything I've read here on this forum I'll be even more pleased soon as I get to fish them. I just wish they arrived soon enough for to fit a day trip into my schedule to fish the the Truckee and Little Truckee, before my son and I head up to Dunsmuir on the 26th for our week long fishing trip.

One question. Will 150 yrds of 50 pound PowerPro be enough backing on these reels, because I already have 2 150 yard spools of it, but I know they could handle at least double that amount? I am pretty certain it will be enough on the Alpha 2/4, but what about the Trout 5/7. I'd like to avoid having to spend more money on backing since I've already spent the bank for this trip.
-Tom Wilson
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