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Default Re: Ever had : "Never had a bite"

Ahhh,the old "full frontal skunking"...I know nothing about the failure of wich you speak.
Just kidding,In a weird way I kinda enjoy the occasional blank day.Kinda let's me know that all the times i have had great day's where only on loan and not a gift that I owe nothing for.
My train of thought is this,If I am aboslutly blanked on a stream,river lake pond,ect. but see fish showing themselves then it is some way my fault for not hooking into any,or atleast getting a couple of lookers.
If I head out to a favorite haunt and see no fish activity and get skunked then my head really start's skipping around.Low water while fishing for many species of trout can be fantastic with fish eagerly compeating with eachother for any available drifting peice of protein.The hit's are hard ,fast and with a hint of showmanship.Now In my experience,when the water is very low and warm or just mildly low for a extendid period of time(2-3weeks) the trout seem to stack up in heads or tail out's of deeper holes or pools,and fall back to the depths for a little break.I have (on more occasions than I care to admit)
seen these fish in a mode that I can only describe as a "starvation survival mode".Seems their only function is to find deep,cool,oxaganated water,and feeding/predatory action is a distant thought for them.
This is only my half baked ideas on this topic although I have heard other with simular thought's.Many fishless hours on the water can cause one to come up with halfbaked Ideas that should be fully baked givin the time and effort one puts into creating them.
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