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Originally Posted by Bob Lang View Post

Where in the panhandle are you? I get up there on occssion in that my company has properties in and around Perryton, Booker and on up into Beaver and Texas Counties. I've been wondering what the fishing would be like up there. The few rivers I've been around (Cimmarron, Canadian and their tributaries) look fishy as I drive by, but I've never had the time to stop and wet a hook. Same goes for the few ponds and lakes.

I'd like to see what is there if I knew where to go, who's property it is on (in order to get permission to fish), and what we are fishing for. I've been told it is mostly bream and catfish, but it appears there should be some bass as well. I would not think trout would survive the trip down river from New Mexico, but then again I hve been surprised before.

I live in Texas County, I don't go South very often, but around here our city lake does stock trout, also there is Palo Duro lake around Gruver Texas, other than that I am not aware of any rivers around here.

Does your company allow hunting on there properties? Do you bird hunt?
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