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Default Packable/ economic 5 wt setup recommendations?

Hi there-

I am new to your forum, and am in the market for a new setup. I am not too educated on gear. I fish primarily pocket water in the Bighorns. I occasionally fish lakes and larger rivers. I tend to hook into stuff <12 inches, as I am not too good at fishing bigger water yet.

I just ordered an Allen Trout reel, after comparing it to some of the lower end Ross reels. Now I just need a rod.

My current rod is a Redington TFF 8054 8 ft. 5 wt. 4 pc. I really like the size of this rod, but have never been too keen on the action since I bought it a few years back. It just seems too limp and noodly to get a good cast in tight spaces, or to cast for much distance. I can do short roll casts pretty well with my wife's cheapo Cabela's rod, but pretty much not at all with my Redington TFF. I guess I am looking for something easier to cast, 4 pc. or smaller, and preferably <8.5 ft.

Any suggestions in the <150.00 range would be appreciated- or, should I suck it up and learn to cast better on the Redington? I am looking for a quiver of one rod, as I don't want my fishing gear to reach the ridiculous proportions of my ski gear.

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