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Default Re: Packable/ economic 5 wt setup recommendations?

Originally Posted by oregonsteel View Post
Dude! I ski and I flyfish. What fun is it if you dont have your super fat 140 mm wide skis for the pow, your skis for the groomer, your skis for the Bumps? Sure, 30 years ago people skied the deep pow, huge bumps, steep cliffs all on 240 cm straight skis, so it can be done, but what fun is that??!?!?

But instead of taking lessons and learning how to actually do the sport, why not just buy the coolest new rod or flyline that comes out???

That is what I did as a beginner, and ***, it never made me a better caster but it sure was fun buying all this junk!!

Do you want to cast better or do you want a travel rod? If you want to cast better, tell me where you live. Sometimes I have been known to do wonders (see the casting group)
Hahaha, that is funny. Unfortunately, you don't know the half of it. With two pairs of cross country, two pairs of vintage telemark skis, 4 pairs of all mountian/powder bias trad camber tele skis, one pair of fat AT skis, and two pairs of rockered deep powder tele skis, I don't think gear whoring is even a good excuse anymore. Thanks for the recommendation, looks like a good option. I don't really care if people think I am a good caster, I just wanna be able to get my fly on the water where I want it without spooking fish.
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