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Default Re: Packable/ economic 5 wt setup recommendations?

Thanks for the ideas of checking out the shops. I may do that, but in answer to MP's query, I NEVER buy ski gear locally. Shop owners tend to just push some product, whether it is actually right for you or not, and selection tends to be rather limited. I have a pretty thorough personal knowledge of ski gear, so I can do some informed online shopping and typically pay 56-60 percent of what I would at local shops. I am all about supporting local business, but when you are talking a difference of 50-100.00, common sense prevails with me. But you are basically right, I should handle some different rods myself, rather than just ask for opinions online. Hmmm, you think 8.5 ft. is too short? That may be. I like the shorter rod for bushwacking. When your stream width is 10 feet, and you have to squirm through a willow jungle to get there, it seems like a shorter rod is nicer. But you think longer would be better?
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