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Default Re: Walleye fun!

Well I am still new to catching them on fly, but I have already had success with woolly buggers and clouser minnows. Generally they eat minnows, leeches, frogs, crayfish etc. They're not generally too fussy and will take most things that look like they are a decent meal. I did see a guy trying to catch a pike with the hugest jig I have ever seen catch a walleye that was maybe 15". The fish's mouth was barely big enough to fit the jig in, but he did!

I believe the key thing to catching walleye is presentation. They feed off the bottom up to maybe 18" off the floor. So get flies down deep for them. When it is super hot they will go deeeeeep, like 50'+ deep. They have excellent eyesight so they often favour conditions where visibility isn't good, like lowlight conditions, and less than clear water.

On Saturday when I caught 8 walleye on the fly it was windier than hell and I struggled to cast more than 25'. There was a fair bit of cloud and the water was not clear at all. When the wind dropped and conditions were beautiful, the action stopped too. Yesterday when I went out the fishing was slow but the monster that I posted in the other thread was caught right at the beginning of a thunderstorm that belted down for about 20 mins. We were fishing from the shore, so I am thinking that the rougher conditions is what will bring them into shallower water during the day. Generally they will come shallower into the evening, but most commonly they are more shallow in the spring/fall when the water is a bit cooler.

As far as flies go I am thinking about tying some streamers for them, but I have also heard of people catching walleye on zonkers, bunny leeches etc.

Right now while it is too warm to safely catch and release trout and with current conditions walleye are my target species, but bear in mind that I am still very new to catching them on fly, or any way for that matter. So I still learn HUGE amounts when I go out. But if anyone catches any be sure to post how you did it cos they are fun to catch on fly, and very VERY tasty!
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