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Default Small warmwater stream

I got out yesterday for a couple hours to see about catching some fish since it has been awhile due to a geology/archaeology research trip to Peru I went on with my wife. I have been jones'n to get out, I really want to go all day sometime soon, but that just wasn't in the cards for yesterday. I fished early (but not too early) 9 - 11AM to beat the heat of the day. It has been getting pretty hot and humid here in middle TN during the late afternoon recently. The water temperature was somewhere around 70 (guess, I didn't actually have my thermometer, its in my vest - hasn't made the switch to the new chest pack). Either way, it felt awesome for wet-wading.

Second cast, I caught this little Longear.
Click the image to open in full size.

The bream didn't like any movement of the popper as they usually do. They would usually either hit it immediately or just swim over and stare then usually swim off. I saw a much larger Longear guarding a bed in some gravel. I thought it was kind of late in the year for eggs, maybe he was just guarding his turf. I left him alone just in case.

Next big pool up had a large overhanging tree. I thought there has got to be a fish hanging out under there. One cast and this fiesty little largemouth came up. He was jumping all over the place, made for a fun little fight even though he is small.
Click the image to open in full size.

I fished some faster water for a bit trying to find a smallie, but just kept hooking stinky chubs so I moved on. Before leaving I fished a big deep pool caused by a bend and a downed tree. I spoted some really nice largemouths hanging around some rocks along the side, so I put on a black leech and tried to catch a bigger fish. As I watched one of them suck the fly in its mouth and spit it out quicker than I could even set the hook, d-a-m-n that was fast!!! I kept trying when this little rock bass came out and committed. I landed him, but he definitely spooked the bigger fish.
Click the image to open in full size.

All together I probably landed about 5 bream and the two bass. Next time I plan to fish that hole first with some larger hardwear and probably even earlier in the morning.

Thanks for checking out my post!
Until next time, JR.
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