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Default Re: greetings from a newbie

Now that the leak is under control, Things should improve! Sport Fishing has reopened. I am looking forward to getting out now. As soon as I get some time, I plan to fish.
As usual the news media made it look worse than it is, so far, you would think we have oil flowing in the streets here. My concern is the dispersant more than the oil! Oil is a natural substance and microbes can and will eat it, but once dispersant is applied, microbes wont eat it. So have we improved the problem or made it worse? I think the hope is that it will settle in deep water where there is not much life anyway. The tropical storm Bonnie may actually clean up most of the mess in the marsh, that we have now. In 1979 Mexico had a similar spill and a huricane dispersed the oil for them.

Check out this video: Leaving Facebook... | Facebook

Very Interesting
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