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Default Re: I finally caught a couple of bass!!!

I was using clouser minnows that day. The one I caught both these bass on was probably a #4 size with olive and grey hair. I had a #2 clouser that was white and chartreuse. The second time I set it down in the water, another bass struck it and my knot came undone when I set the hook. So somewhere in this pond is a fish with a fly stuck in his lip. It was public water although not to many people use it. It's a pond near the river bottoms. There's been lots of illegal dumping around and general abuse. I wish people would be more respectful of the environment. I go there periodically to look for the lunkers I know are in there. I have yet to catch on though. One of these days I'll post up a pic some 6lb bass I pulled out of there. But not yet.
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