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Default Allen & Co.

I'm a new member here and have just been recently introduced to the Allen & Co. line of products. There stuff looks really great and the reviews/testimonials have been glowing.

However, I haven't seen anyone talk about the vest on their site.

I'm in the market for a tech pack vest. I've had my eye set on the Fishpond Tech Pack w/ vest (not sure of the model name, but it's the one that's sold for $189.99 pretty much every where). Now that I've seen the Allen & Co. sells a very similar product for much less, I'm very intrigued.

So I was wondering if anyone could weigh in on the Allen & Co Tech Pack/Vest? Is it comparable to the Fishpond? Ideally, I'd love for someone to weigh in who has had both, but any anyone who has one (or at least seen one) would be great too.
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