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Default Re: Orvis flies....50 cents

Originally Posted by oregonsteel View Post
Not sure whether to think Orvis has great prices or ORvis has great profit and are fleecing the willing. I *COULD* believe that they somehow did something to get great pricing, and are passing it on to customers, OR

that they were always paying under $.50 a fly (selling them for 4 times that much) and now they are discontinuing those flies so selling them at clearance price, just a small profit instead of a whooping profit.

......either way between work and the kids I have zero time to tie flies so at 50 cents I'm buying a few. Thought others might like to know and pick up some flies at a decent price wasn't trying to start another orvis debate
Thanks for the other link, I'll check them out. Have you bought from them? good flies?

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