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I first of all don't want to say to buy one brand or another but I do have my hand in the sunglass industry alot. I work for Oakley and came out of the Design and R&D dept. before going to sales. I devolped our new fishing glasses and it took me 9 months to get excatly what I wnted. First thing about polarized lens is the polarized chip is in the middle of the lens and acts as a blind with all the slats vertical. That stops scattered light waves from entering the lens thus you have a reduced glare because the light never entered your eye. The problem with polarized lens lies in how the chip is orintated and the material around the chip. You get what you pay for. The chip has to be at a precise 180 degrees or it wont work right and the other issue with the polarized chip is it is glued onto 2 thin pieces of lens material on the front and back of the chip (like a sandwich). The glue can cause huge amounts of distortion because the glue messes up the light waves. It does not matter how thick the lens is. Actually a thick lens in a frame will be the worst because the lens is so tight in the frame the chip is bent at all the contact points. You can pick up a $10 pair of polarized or a $300 pair it does the same thing in theory. You pay for the lens materials, optics, lens coatings and frame material. Ok here is my selling point..Here at Oakley we get around the optical issues with not glueing the chip in and we also have tons of other optical patents and lens coatings that yes I feel we are by far better than anything else on the market. On top of the we have the HDO High Definition Optics that is patented. We are the only company that can correct for the distortion and other issues that happen when you wrap a lens. Think about a glass of water with a straw in it. The straw looks bent. Sunglass lens do the same if they are wrapped. I am glad our new 20 year patient just was renewed on that.
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