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Default Re: Help! Waders VS Wading Boots?

I use a set of Remington waders, bought from Walmart to fish in. I like them but am thinking about getting a set of Waders and Wading boots. The problem with waders like mine, one peice boot and suit, is that they are heavy and hot if you do alot of walking outside the water. Also if the rivers you fish are like mine (Hiwassee and Tellico) then the boot on the one peice does not offer much support for wading over slick underwater rocks. Another thing is the one peice waders have HUGE feet areas in the boots, so you have to wear a couple of pairs of socks to keep them from rubbing around on your feet. Now one peice waders have their pluses, only one suit to worry about, not a suit and then boots, and other things but they are not coming to my mind right now. I hope this in someway helps.
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