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Default 2nd Rod - Large Trout, Stripers, Salmon, etc.

Good day!

I'm a fairly novice east coast fly-fisherman and my experiences with a fly-rod are mostly limited to trout on small streams up to mid-sized rivers. My first rod was a Sage 6-weight designed for beginners which has a fairly full-flex.

I now do all of my fly-fishing (trout, smallmouth and bluegill) with my other (newer) rod; an Orvis Silver-Label 8'6" 4-weight with a mid flex (6.0) which I like. I've had a very productive summer with it on small trout streams.

I have done some fly-fishing for snook in Florida with a borrowed 8-weight, which is the full extent of my saltwater fishing with a fly-rod.

I'm interested in getting a larger rod and reel at this point. What weight should I consider as a compromise? This would be for trout out west on trips, bass in lakes, with the future possibility of stripers on the east coast and maybe a salmon trip one day. I also visit Florida now and then and may be doing some fishing there for snook or something else. I suppose that is a lot of variety for one rod, but I'm just a frugal guy. I'm looking for the best compromise I can find.

What should I be looking at? I was thinking of a 7 or 8-weight Echo Classic or Echo2 and a Pflueger Trion or Summit Reel. I'm definitely very open for suggestions though. Any informed advice would be appreciated.

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