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Well I got out and fly fished for the first time in about 15-20 years. Needless to say I'm hooked again. My gear is OLD. Fiberglass rod with a cheap Martin reel. Found out my waders had a hole in them, got that fixed already as I use them for hunting and season will be here quickly. Got new line on my rod but I can now afford something more than the $3.00 rod out of a wooden barrel from the drug store(really that's what it cost and where it came from!). I don't need top of the line but surely don't want cheap/low grade b/c I'll jsut be unhappy knowing it's sub-par and would replace withing about 2 week of buying it. Has anyone tried the Genisis outfit from Cabela's or are the Cabela's/Bass pro proprietary rods even worth looking at? Should I just get a more name brand like Sage. I know the rods can get very expensive and typically are bought separatly from reels if the combos are not worth my time I'd like to know that also. Basically any help is greatly appreciated!!
Oh, and I was thinking about keeping my old set up for farm pond fishing which is where I spend most of my time fishing around KC MO(I have to drive long distances to even consider trout fishing). Or should I just strip off the new line I just put on it and toss it?
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