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Default Re: Out of the Frying Pan into The Fire

The good...the bad...the ugly...slam bonefish 9wt TCR, permit 10 wt TCR, tarpon 11 wt three piece xtr..last day; hooked the guide...I fell off the casting platform...forgot the water...but did not have me hat blow off under way; sharks aplenty...they dined on my tarpon 50-70 lbs deep hooked within seconds of release and a wisper of blood...a bull cut him in half and that was less than 10 minute to release...guess everyones got to eat...

conditions light wind under 10 and calm BUT thin clouds causing extreme sight was no more than 30 feet into the water and the guide's no more than 60-70 into the water...if they did not wake or tail it was close fishing and lots of turn aways cause I could not fire quick and accurate...the only fish caught that I saw to cast was the permit and it was in a school of 10 to 15 coming head on...the sight was so bad that the guide had me casting to a barra wake to fill the bonefish leg...probably my best cast of the trip 65-70 feet perfect and he was on until gone with a small merkin.

The of permit... set up perfect... cast good...hooked not a permit but hooked a fast six inch blue runner traveling with them and faster to the merkin...good time but definitely not the time to go during the two day mobster lobster season
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