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Default Re: Recommended 44 mag ammo

I make no claims about being a bear expert, but here is some food for thought.

Recently a similar question was asked of a shooting buddy of mine who is a very experienced hunter, including bears. A friend asked what caliber handgun and bullet he should carry for bear protection on his back-country fly fishing trip to Yellowstone later this summer. My shooting buddy's recommendation was "None!".

His logic was that unless you have a LOT of experience and regular practice shooting at running game with a handgun, you are not too likely to hit anything in a vital area, and shooting at a grizzly with a 44 mag will probably only make the bear REALLY angry! He suggested that if you absolutely feel you need to have a firearm, you would be much better protected by carrying a 12 gauge 3" shotgun with a short barrel shooting full bore hard-cast 1-1/4 oz rifled-slugs.

His best recommendation was to carry a large cannister of bear spray in a holster. If you have never used bear spray in the past, he suggested buying 2 cannisters of spray when you get to your destination, and then practice with one to make sure you get a good feel for pulling from the holster, releasing the safety, and then actually discharging the cannister to understand the spread & range of the spray.
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